Curriculum and Assessment information

KLA: English

Other KLAs: Art
Concept: Short Stories/ Folk Tales
Theme: Fijian folk tales
Year Level: Year 8

Assessment task:

Create a short story (250 words) using PowerPoint inspired by Fijian myth. Stories will be presented in an audio-digital illustrated book. Books will be shared with the year 3 class. Stories must include:

  • 250 written words
  • Illustrations
  • Audio of the story
  • a moral


  • originate from oral form
  • brief tales created to convey a message or to teach a lesson (didactic)
  • plot is simple and based on one event
  • animals or elements usually represent aspects of human nature
  • animals or elements can have human characteristics

Curriculum links:

Unit 2: Reading and comprehension:


  • understand different structures of books and stories
  • interpret illustrations used in the story
  • respond to stories
  • use language in books in appropriate situations
  • show understanding of background knowledge
  • make predictions from stories read
  • understand conventions of print
  • read with understanding

Benchmark statement:
At the benchmark standard student should be able to:

  • identify main ideas, characters, events and activities
  • identify appropriate vocabulary, compound and complex sentences using appropriate reading strategies
  • compare and contrast issues e.g. moral values, traditional values and beliefs, universal values and attitudes


Unit 3: Writing


  • construct a variety of written communication
  • generate ideas from listening and reading stories
  • apply knowledge of structure to create a story or a composition
  • create stories collectively and individually
  • use appropriate terms and expressions in writing
  • utilise writing process

Benchmark statement:
At the benchmark standard students should be able to:

  • construct texts in legible writing and correct punctuations
  • construct texts suitable to one’s socio cultural and situational context
  • use appropriate presentation styles, compound, complex sentences and original ideas

Unit 4: Grammar and Usage


  • identify the modes of communication
  • interpret meaning from context
  • apply knowledge of word order to construct sentences

Benchmark statement:
At the benchmark standard students should be able to:

  • identify linking words in reading and use them in writing and speaking
  • construct phrases, sentences and paragraphs
  • use compound words, adverbs and adjectives when writing and in oral work

Art and craft

Benchmark Statement:
At the benchmark standard student should be able to: 

  • use contour lines to create drawings
  • create a montage
  • appreciate the proper care of art tools and materials used
  • value and critique own artworks and their meaning
  • be aware of how the arts shape tradition



Kylie Hockey and Maddison Hooley